5 Tips for Improving Office Morale

If you are the manager or owner of a small to medium sized business, you have a lot on your plate. From bookkeeping duties, staff recruitment and payroll processes, the actual running of your business can take you away from the field and tasks in which you excel. After all, you started your business in order to focus on your true passions and skill set!

Keeping your team happy, healthy and in good spirits can help immensely. By ensuring that your employees are feeling their best you can also ensure that they will be helping you to the best of their abilities. The more they do their jobs, the more time you have to do what you do best.


You chose your employees because you believe in them. They are the right people for the job – so why not make sure that they feel as empowered as possible?


Here are our top tips for boosting office morale.


  1. Provide healthy snacks and drinks – Sure, you might have a kettle, a few tea bags and some instant coffee on hand, but are you truly taking care of your employees’ needs? Providing them with healthy snacks, cold drinks and herbal teas has many benefits:

·      It will improve their health, resulting in fewer sick days.

·      It will show them that you value their time and wellbeing.

·      It will save them time, as they will not need to leave the office for snacks.

  1. Stay on top of their pensions auto-enrolment tasks - As of 2012, it is required that you set up a pensions auto-enrolment scheme for your staff members. By keeping on top of these tasks and regularly communicating to your employees about their pensions, you demonstrate that their future is important to you and the business. If you need help with this step, call or email Options Pensions Ltd. today.
  2. Arrange a staff appreciation gathering – From a relaxing evening at a wine bar to a full on company picnic with games for the kiddies, there are countless kinds of staff gatherings that you could arrange. This gives the team a chance to bond, spend time together outside of the office and enjoy some food and drink on the boss – you!
  3. Organise contests for productivity – If you want to encourage a healthy sense of competition amongst your team, a contest can make things fun and ultra productive. Prizes can include gift cards, merchandise, a spa experience or even a day off!
  4. Provide opportunities for mentorships – One of the best things that you can do for your team is to help their future career goals. Arranging executive coaching, mentorship programs and other career planning tools will show them that you care about their future. Not only will this improve their morale, it will ideally help them to see a future with your company.