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If you are a financial adviser firm and wish to register for an agency to set up a new client or view an existing clients record, please use the Adviser Registration link below.  This link can also be used to retrieve an existing application or if the adviser firm you work for has already registered enable you to join that agency to view client information.

Adviser Registration

If you have already registered and have a log in you can access our Adviser area log in page by using the link below.

Adviser Area

You can view our SIPP online Adviser Guide by using this link

You can view our SIPP online Adviser Application guide by using this link

If you are an existing SIPP client and wish to view you SIPP value and transactions, your can access your SIPP through our Client Area by using the link below

Client Area

You can view how to complete your online application by using this link

Our guide to viewing your online portal and all its features can be found by using this link


If you have forgotten your password, please use the ‘forgotten your password’ link on either the client or adviser area to help your access your account.