Workplace Pension Members

Some useful information if your employer has chosen
Options for your workplace pension


How to access your pension portal

As a member of the workplace pension scheme, you can access your pension online and view your personal details, transaction history and the value of your pension.  To access your portal please go to

The information you will need

You will need your username and password.  This information would have been provided to you in your welcome registration email we sent to you when you joined your workplace pension scheme.  Don’t worry if you cannot find the information, there is some further information below to help you.


Can’t find your username?

Your username will be included in the welcome registration email we sent you.  You can check with your employer for the date you were enrolled to the scheme.  If you haven’t been enrolled yet, please check with your employer.  Don’t worry if you can’t find your username, just email us at


Can’t remember your password?

You can reset your password using the ‘reset password’ link on the member portal.  Just click on the link in the portal and follow the steps to reset.


You can still call us on +44 (0) 330 124 1510 or email us at