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2023 saw some improvements on 2022 but was still a difficult year for markets, with a variety of factors causing uncertainty, and you may find that this has affected your pension fund.
The two biggest investments most people will ever make will be in property and a pension. But how many of us ever consider that holding property within a pension could be a thing? Discover how Commercial Property SIPPs can reshape your financial strategy in this informative blog.
Startup provider of financial software has partnered with Options UK to launch a new digital Self-Invested-Personal Pension (SIPP). The SIPP offers clients a cost-effective and paperless pension solution with real-time data and advanced functionality.
SIPPs have always evolved to meet changing demands, and will continue to be an important pension wrapper.
Pubs are at the heart of communities across the UK. Sadly, many are closing, leaving high streets and town centres in need of investment. Commercial property SIPPs can play a part in regeneration, and create great opportunities for investors too, as Lisa Bardell (our Business Partnership Manager) explains.
If you’re looking to invest in commercial property this article from our Business Partnership Manager, Lisa Bardell, has some interesting food for thought about the many benefits you could gain from a commercial property SIPP.
Corporation Tax increased on 1st April this year – but, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining! That’s because the increase makes SIPPs an even more attractive option for businesses.
Every week there is more worrying news about the future for retirees. From ongoing political debates about increasing the retirement age, to the rocketing cost of living requiring us all to save more or work longer, it’s all a reminder of the advantages of a private pension. We asked Lisa Bardell (Business Partnership Manager at Options UK) to give the 5 top reasons why everyone in the Gen Z and Millennial age groups should consider making plans NOW!
2022 was a difficult year for financial markets, with a variety of factors causing uncertainty, and you may find that this has affected your pension fund. Please read our article for further details on the impact of recent market volatility on your pension fund.
The pandemic’s undermining affect upon commercial property values has been striking – and rising interest rates will continue to exert downward pressure across the sector. It is here that increasingly advantageous investment opportunities will continue to present themselves to company directors who could be in a position to jettison existing rental overheads by acquiring commercial premises, thereby strengthening their business’s balance sheets.