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If you are the manager or owner of a small to medium sized business, you have a lot on your plate. From bookkeeping duties, staff recruitment and payroll processes, the actual running of your business can take you away from the field and tasks in which you excel. After all, you started your business in order to focus on your true passions and skill set!
Small and medium sized businesses across the country have diligently set up pension auto-enrolment schemes for their employees. However, a new scam threatens to undermine those who have yet to get this sorted.
When it comes to choosing the right pensions scheme for your small or micro business, the whole process can feel baffling and confusing. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. There is a lot of guidance out there for small and micro sized businesses, all designed to help you choose the right plan and stay on top of your obligations.
Carey Pensions is bringing the business community together for bi-monthly events in Milton Keynes.
After Theresa May called for a snap election on June 8th, political pundits rushed to guess about what the campaign’s hot button issues would be. Along with the obvious (Brexit terms, immigration, international aid), a real bone of contention seems to be the "triple lock" guarantee on Pensions.
Now that a new tax year is upon us, it is an excellent time to assess your pension policies and iron out any issues.
Carey Pensions has just taken an exciting step towards a healthy business community in Milton Keynes and beyond.
New research conducted by financial advisory firm Wealthcare has shown that more than 40% of the UK’s small firms are neglecting their duties when it comes to registering their employees to an auto enrolment pensions scheme. Many small business people are waiting until the last minute – and this is dangerous.
Thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the UK are heading towards a ticking time bomb. Why? Quite simply, they don’t have their pensions auto enrolment schemes up and running, and this will soon mean fines and penalties.
As 2017 is now well and truly underway, many businesses have started to plan their goals for the year ahead and put objectives into place. For many small enterprises, one of the biggest goals of the year should be to ensure their business gets its auto-enrolment sorted, and to create a workplace pension scheme.