Group SIPPs

A Group SIPP is a collection of individual pension plans.

Under group schemes, each member has their own pension scheme and therefore has access to the full features of our SIPP.

It’s typical for the members of a Group SIPP to share some association, such as employment. Together the members of a scheme are able to access benefits that they could not on their own, including:

Increased purchasing power
By pooling their funds, members of Group SIPPs are often able to make investments which would otherwise be inaccessible to them, such as commercial property or a Discretionary Managed Fund

Economies of scaleThe commonality often shared by individual pension schemes can make them very easy to administer. We like to pass costsavings onto members.

Qualifying Pension Scheme Our Group SIPP is a qualifying workplace pension scheme as defined by The Pensions Regulator

Bespoke arrangements Many factors are involved in structuring a Group SIPP arrangement, such as investment choice, tax relief mechanism and cost.

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Since April 2015 the FCA has required all firms with a portfolio of Group SIPPs to have in place an independent committee to assess the value for money that members will receive. Options UK has appointed the PTL governance advisory arrangement (GAA) to provide this assessment. 

To view the year ending 2022 GAA Report please click here

The GAA has established a dedicated inbox at so that GSIPP policyholders can make representations to the GAA direct.