A New Mindset

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could flip a switch and be presented with a clean slate in your personal and business life?


In some ways, the start of a new calendar year can give us this unique opportunity. With the dawn of a fresh new year comes a time for contemplation, action and change – it's time to harness this prospect and make the most of 2017.


If you are the manager or owner of a business in the UK, this year’s opportunity for change is especially important, particularly if you have not yet set up your employee pension auto-enrolment scheme. The staging date deadline will fast approach. You need to have a pension plan in place and ensure that all of your employees are assessed and those that are eligible are automatically enrolled (they can choose to leave this plan, but you must enroll them in the first place).


Here at Options Pensions, we know that sometimes even the most important tasks can get put on the back burner – but isn’t it about time that you turn over a new leaf and face these niggling duties?


Remember, it is now law to establish a workplace pension for your staff and make contributions. Have you got your plan in place?


We will set up a qualifying pension scheme for your business, ensuring that you are on the right side of the law and in no risk of the Pensions Regulator levying harsh penalties against you for a non-compliant company. Time is running out – there is no time to delay.


Let our skilled and understanding team help you to make 2017 a year that you will remember – Options Pensions will help you to get on top of all of your pension duties, meaning that you can relax and rest easy, and focus on your business.



Call or email Options Pensions today – it’s 2017, and it is time to get started on your workplace pension scheme.