Personal Pensions

At Options we put solutions and service at the heart of everything we do.
Our Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a UK registered pension scheme which gives you control, choice and flexibility when planning for your retirement. The way it achieves this is by allowing a range of investment opportunities to be used within your scheme.

Not all SIPPs are the same.

Options offers a range of solutions to suit individual or changing needs.

This gives you much more flexibility, and offers different charging structures, so you can find the right solution at the right time and for the right price to suit you.

Options is also completely independent of any platform, investment house, stockbroker, or insurance company. Not being tied to a ‘parent’ company with its off-the-shelf products, means we have complete freedom to work with our range of connections to provide the optimum solution for you.

Please note that a SIPP is a sophisticated and regulated financial product. That means it is essential that you have taken professional advice and read our Key Features, Terms and Conditions and Fee Schedule.

Options for all You can start a SIPP whether you’re a self-employed or employed individual

The tax-efficient way to save You can claim tax relief on contributions into a SIPP up to a limit on your annual earnings, or £40,000, whichever is lower. Not only that, there is no tax charge on any growth achieved from the investments within a SIPP.

Flexibility and choice SIPPs allow a range of investment types and even direct investment in commercial property are allowed. We can accept transfer payments from any other registered pension scheme as well as cash or "in-specie" transfers. You can also transfer out of SIPP to any other registered pension scheme and we provide full flexi access.

Sharia SIPP requirements met with our partnership with Wahed Invest. Please visit their website for information on their Sharia funds and contacts  Download an Application pack for the Sharia SIPP.

Looking after you Your SIPP has its own individual scheme bank account, a dedicated relationship manager and an allocated administrator. Customer care is at the heart of our culture, so we’re a UK company that believes in conversations between ‘real’ people instead of robots!

If you have any questions, please do contact us.