We pride ourselves on quality customer service

When it comes to pensions providers, there are many companies out there that provide an array pension products for retirement.  They build their proposition in response to the needs of the market place and as a result of legislative and regulatory changes, however, despite the wide range of options available to individuals and employers for workplace pensions there is one thing that lets the industry down time and time again and that is the amount of focus that is given to the service provided by such companies, it appears the bigger the service provider the poorer the service.


Some key messages the customers are telling the industry:-


·      Can never get through to the same person

·      No-one ever gives us good clear information

·      Communications are too technical

·      Nobody cares

·      No online view of information

·      Costs are unclear


It is clear that things need to change and when developing new products and propositions pension providers should develop with the customer at the heart of the proposition.  It sounds simple but why does the industry get it so wrong.


Options Pensions cares; it cares about its customers and wants their experience when dealing with the team to be positive and caring.   Options Pensions believes in providing a traditional approach in a modern framework.  It provides clear communications, it provides support to all, they provide dedicated administrators for each client, and they provide real people to talk to their customers.


The skilled and experienced team at Options Pensions UK believes that it is imperative that we provide our valued clientele with reliable and trustworthy customer service. Our clients come first, and we know from experience just how much their pension and retirement plans means to them.

Let’s face it – when you are about to entrust a pension administrator with your hard earned money, you must feel that you can trust them in order to have a good overall experience. If you have questions, concerns or need to make urgent changes, you need to be able to get in touch with them in a timely fashion – and this is not always possible with other companies.

When clients come to us for the first time, they are often relieved and excited; their experiences with other pensions providers have left much to be desired. After months (or even years) of being treated like they are expendable and having their concerns minimised, they could not be more pleased by our commitment to their complete customer satisfaction especially when it comes to our support with all of their pensions  needs.

At Options Pensions, we know that your pension needs are important, and we stand by our promise to deliver excellent customer service at all times. Want to know more? Our team is standing by to help support you..